Ross Bay Bright

Another view of a storm drain structure in Ross Bay, Victoria. The Olympic Mountains are hidden in the distance by low cloud and the sun was low and bright to the right.

The previous picture of this feature from the same vantage point was taken at a lower tide and with a more dramatic sky. This one is taken with a long exposure – it was being covered by low waves which look more like a low-lying fog in this picture. It was not a good exposure, I have had to darken it up quite a lot, but I felt it was worth it for the bright glow that the water has.

You can find the other storm drain pictures through this link.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lense, ISO100, f18, 5 seconds, Cameron Fader ND filter, at about 7 f-stops density.



14 thoughts on “Ross Bay Bright

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  2. The clouds must have been moving faster than your shutter speed. It gives the top half of the photo a very nice, misty quality. The hard edges of the storm drain are a nice contrast.


    • Hi Ken – thanks a lot for you comment. I think the clouds were moving along pretty fast, or at least the lower ones were. Photographing fast moving clouds as streaks in the sky is one of the things I would like to try sometime.


    • Thank you Ryan. With these longer exposures you can never be quite sure what will come of it. I will post one from a faster shutter speed too to show why I was especially interested in the drain this day with the patterns the tops of the waves were making across the concrete.


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