Beach Cloud

Another shot of waves on the beach in front of Beacon Hill Park, taken from above on a staircase – the first in this series can be seen here. This one is rather like a cloud, disgorging a heavy rain shower across the ground.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lense, ISO100; f16, 4 seconds. Cameron ND Fader filter, at about 4-5 f-stops of density.



15 thoughts on “Beach Cloud

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    • Hi Steve – welcome to my blog, I hope you come back again. I just checked out some of your pictures, especially your beach pictures. Wow, you take great shots! Thanks so much for your compliment, I am pleaed you like this picture.


      • Hi, thanks for the compliment about my beach pictures! Look like you’ve got the eye too! I will be back!


    • Hi Doug – thank you so much. The cropping took several tries to get something that worked will. I was a bit surprised it worked out this well because at first, with the distracting marginalia (can I use that term for a photograph?), it did not look like much.


    • Sadly, I can’t take too much credit for that. With the camera on a 2 second delay you can never be quite sure when to press the shutter. Adds to the fun (and the need to take multiple shots).


  2. Fantastic, even better than the first. Impressive detail at the lower part of the photo and then that cloud-like mist at the top end. Really nice.


    • Hi Ken. I think I agree that I like this one better. When I put the first one together I had not played around with crops on this one, and had not really recognised it’s potential as there were some distracting elements that needed to come out.


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