Mother of Pearl Button

Today I present another old shell button shot through the Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens that I rented a few weeks ago. To find out more about the lens look at the first of these posts.

And, once again, I am not sure it is a button because of the off-centre holes. I am calling it a button because it lives in a button tin and because it is flat with small holes for putting thread through and apparently (as they are pairs of holes) for sewing onto something rather than dangling them. If that does not fit button classification, then your buttons are different than mine, or they always have central holes and that may be a very boring state of affairs for you and your clothes. Anyway, compare this button with yesterday’s shell that looked not much like shell, they are similar design and size, but not part of the same set.

The bottom two images demonstrate the difficulty of lighting with this lens as it blocks a lot of light at maximum extension.



Canon 5Dii, Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x Macro Lens, ISO100, f-8, 1/60th (top), 1/8th (middle) and 1/5th (bottom)




4 thoughts on “Mother of Pearl Button

  1. They look like wood again, but I can clearly see the nacre for what it is – the pearl-like coloring gives it away. I especially like the cut-lines in the last image. It’s so cool to see how things are made.


    • Ryan, I just discovered this long neglected comment! I too like to see how things are made and this lens really helps with that. I must rent it again and do some more photography.


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