Lightning Clouds II

Yesterday I told how we had a rare and full value lightning storm a couple of weeks ago, and how I ventured out to take pictures, though not of the lightning as I was too timid (I like to think smart) to take my tripod with me. Instead I went to take shots of the clouds and sky and light. Within 10 minutes of leaving the front door I was in a torrential downpour, one of many that swept over the area.

Today’s pictures are mostly in black and white – these kinds of skies lend themselves so well to this treatment. And, in one way or another, distant or up close, they feature rain. It  accompanies the clouds and a setting sun struggling for space beneath the clouds.

The Penzance Street entrance to the Chinese Cemetery, still raining.


To see larger versions of the thumbnails below, click on any one of them then navigate with the arrows and use escape to return to this page.

Canon EOS 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24mm f2.8 lens. ISO100, various exposures.




11 thoughts on “Lightning Clouds II

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    • Hi Ryan. I am glad you like that rain shot – it is one of my favourites too. That is a small trail out to the headland in Trafalgar Park, often a nice setting for photos.


  2. There’s nothing like a dramatic sky to spice up your shooting. You’re right, these do respond well to black and white. Wonderful series.


    • Thanks Ken! Many were very difficult exposures – a compromise between getting the foreground or the sky. I need more technique, or a graduated ND filter maybe.


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