Ross Bay Poppy Way

A walk along the Ross Bay causeway the other day led me onto a path at the west end that climbs up to the higher parts of Dallas Road. The way is cut into the slope and lined with a concrete wall on one side, asphalt path and a metal railing on the other. Hanging over the top of the wall were clump after clump of California poppies, all the way to the top. How could I resist, fast lens in hand?

This was well after sunset when the light turns things blue. The sky won the tonal fight with the path surface and concrete wall, but not the poppies.





Canon 5Dii, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO 100, all shots at f1.4, ranging from 1/500th to 1/800th second.

13 thoughts on “Ross Bay Poppy Way

    • Ryan! Once again you honour my blog with a haiku :). I think they are transplants, brought in by gardeners (but I could be wrong, we could be at the natural northern extent of the their range). Of all the introduced species, these are among the few that I really like and don’t resent in some way. They don’t seem to push out a native variety, and are usually on disturbed ground anyway. So, they have become jewels of my home too…


    • Thanks Karen – they were originally very soft and washed out, a bit underexposed I think. I pushed the contrast pretty hard on most of them which saturated them at the same time. I was going to desaturate them but liked this effect better, so left it as is.


  1. One glance and I knew is was a fast fifty! My personal favorite lens.. so versatile and the image quality is, well… look at your post here!! What beautiful flowers my friend, and the soft bokeh really adds a strong emotional element to the frames. Great post, and I’m so happy to have found you on Twitter, too!


    • Hi Toad – thanks so much. I too like these fast lenses 🙂 I see you found me on Twitter – I know nothing about it, just started as a way to distribute my blog to a different audience. How you found me, I have not a clue. I guess I will figure it out as time goes on, just like this blog.


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