Drain Sunrise II

Sunrise Drain 2

Another in a set of sunrise pictures, the first of which I showed just before Christmas. That first one is near the beginning of the series and this near the end after the sun had disappeared behind the dense cloud just above the horizon. It is taken with a wider angle lens.

In the foreground is the Ross Bay storm drain, a favourite subject of mine.


 Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24mm/f2.8 lens, ISO100, f-3.2, 3 brackets, 1/400th +/- 2 E.V.



15 thoughts on “Drain Sunrise II

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  4. The gold of the seaweed and falling sun is a small piece of perfection. I love everything about this image; the colors, the juxtaposition of earth, water, and sky, everything. Beautiful composition.


    • Thank you Ryan. I have shot this scene from this angle quite a few times. But that log was perfectly placed, not to mention the very southerly sunrise. The way that sun shines through seaweed, especially early morning golden sun is lovely and often found in my shots – I just can’t resist it.


    • Thanks Ken. Well, I did try a telephoto shot of this drain on this morning which is one step forward. Maybe I could shoot part of one of these foreground pebbles, glistening wet, with the macro, on the kitchen table.


  5. It’s extraordinary how this subject can keep producing new and unique images. The tonal range of this is subtle. I love the way the drain just dissolves into the sea through those gentle rippling wavelets. The stick provides a clever counterpoint. Beautiful Ehpem


    • Thank you Andy. I find it remarkable too. The combination of water, tides and weather means it is never the same. Rather like your far more magnificent montane subjects.


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