Drain Awash

Drain Awash 1

This photograph is from about a month ago, on one of those glorious early spring days. At this time of year the intermittent storms sculpt the beaches, drop and remove logs and change from day-to-day. In the summer change is slower with some logs staying in place for weeks at a time.

The top of the Ross Bay storm drain was pretty much level with the tide and often underwater as waves washed over it.

The distant lamp standards are a bit like coarse stitches basting Clover Point in place.


 Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24mm/f2.8 lens, ISO100, from 3 brackets, 1/2000th +/- 2 E.V.


7 thoughts on “Drain Awash

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    • Hi Melinda. Thanks for the comment – it is pretty strongly implied with the water’s edge. I am glad you saw that too – one of the things I was drawn to was the right angle made by the log and drain.


  2. I like the B&W tone on this shot. It’s predominately gray but it also has some highlight and shadow to break it up. And I agree with Andy, the diagonal line is great for the composition.


    • Thanks Ken. I fiddled with the tone quite a bit on this shot – it was a bit tricky getting something that worked without a lot of blowouts in the sky and water.


    • Thanks Andy! The log was begging to be photographed. I took some video of it rocking in the wave, but it did not work out very well. I had wanted to post stills and video together for variety. I will have to try again sometime.


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