Grill Commune


Comments on yesterday’s post have given rise to today’s title. This is a place where BBQ grills hang out, in the spirit of sharing, at least that is the theory.

Like all communes, there is more here than meats the eye. But, you have to experience it to really know what drives members to stay, and to leave. I am predicting that one of these grills, probably the one in the middle, has a truly magnetic personality which holds the group together. That is only a theory, I did not test it. That I will leave to others.




Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/2.8 lens, ISO640, ~f2.8, various exposures .


14 thoughts on “Grill Commune

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  2. The lawn mower guy moves them each time he comes. He puts them in rows aliigned with his mowing grid.. He cuts a swath beside them and then moves them all together so he only has to get off once. Accidental art.


    • I think I am disappointed to hear this. I was imagining them rolling around on their little wheels, all by themselves. Grinning like the one yesterday. Or venting steam and smoke through top vents.


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