Not Shared


Unlike the other BBQs I spotted at the Friday Harbor labs , this one seems to have gone solo – must not have been in a sharing mood like the others. Even so, I am sharing it with you.


Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/2.8 lens, ISO640, ~f2.8, 1/160th .


10 thoughts on “Not Shared

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  3. Poor Grill. The other Grills don’t understand why it won’t share, and bullied it until it finally had to leave the Grill Commune. Now it spends its days alone, longing for the warmth of a nice charcoal fire and the sounds of cooking and conversation. Poor Grill.


    • That is quite the interpretation. But if you look at the ‘poor thing’ you will see a pretty happy smile on its head. Maybe the Grill Commune was good place to be from, and a poor place to be. Maybe that is why they paint themselves with “Please Share”, code for something more strict.


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