Grill Reflections


I have run a mini series on these BBQs, or the Grill Commune as one of my witty readers commented. This is the end of the BBQ series, and these photos are among my favourites, especially the one above which lines the grills up nicely with features from inside the room. It is almost as if the grills are stored indoors, in the closet. There is another reflection photograph, with only faint traces of the grills, here.

I am hoping today’s post shows up in the WP Reader. It was inexplicably missing yesterday, and that post seems to have been missed by many of you as a result – if you missed it, check out the story of a house that moved down my street last week.



Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/2.8 lens, ISO640, ~f2.8, +/- 2.0 E.V.


10 thoughts on “Grill Reflections

  1. Juggling reflections and the interior is always the headache with shots like this. I reckon you’ve done a very good job in controlling them and making them work for you.


  2. Important message from my family: Please don’t encourage her “witticisms.” We have to live with her.

    But what do THEY know?

    I like both of these; the first one is very nice because there are so many different things going on. I see something different every time I look at it.


    • Well, technically they don’t HAVE to live with you. Just saying….
      Window reflections have so many layers, or can. These ones worked out well in that regard. I like the crumbling frame as well. I suspect these windows will be up for replacement soon – others have been done, but sadly with a single sheet of glass rather than these multiple pane arrangements – the new ones make for a very different feel.


      • That is an excellent point! Maybe I will mention it to the family, although now that I think about it, that conversation has the probability of taking an awkward turn…..

        Well if these fine windows are on the way to “improvement” then I like this shot even more.


      • I think one of the points of interest in that first shot is that the glass is old and a bit wavy, which makes for some of the grills being out of focus. That might contribute to Ken sensing multiple reflections. Much of the glass in these old windows is the original glass, from the looks of it.

        I guess students and kids have been quite restrained over the years. I don’t remember breaking a window around this little square when I was small (though I might have repressed a memory like that). Ball games were secondary to playing in the forest, or skipping stones off the beach, and so on. There is an ancient volleyball court (I vaguely remember it was a grass tennis court at one time) well removed from cabins and labs.


      • Your Friday Harbor photos are nice, and when you add details about things you remember there from your childhood make the pictures even better. So, thanks for giving us a look!


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