Light Table


Gotta love the morning light! This is a table in my neighbour’s yard, dewy with a touch of tree shadow on the far end. It’s one of those 60’s kind of table with an pastel coloured arborite top, chrome edge and chrome legs. Even live it was blindingly bright such that nothing around it could be discerned. A bit of post processing confirms that impression.

Below is another treatment of the same image, less contrasty and with the chrome edge brought out of the darkness (amazing what one can find in the shadows of a RAW file with selective exposure adjustments). I thought it would be interesting to make it more table like, but overall prefer the square of light floating in darkness.

I also include the untreated image as it came out of the camera, other than a crop to match the other two. I think these go remarkably well with yesterday’s cosmic spider’s web details.







Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon EF 100mm/f2.8 macro lens, ISO100, f2.8, 1/8,000th, processed in Topaz B&W Effects.




6 thoughts on “Light Table

    • Hi Ken, The material culture guy in me just can’t help describing the artifact in the catalogue entry!
      It probably would have been better to give no hint what this is and let you all guess!


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