Classic Boat Festival


Yesterday I went down to Victoria’s inner harbour to gawk at all the wooden boats on display at the Classic Boat Festival. Naturally I had my camera. But I kept on being distracted from the boats by their reflections. This shot being but one of several examples, others of which you will likely see as I process the images.

I like it that the specks of stuff on the water look like stars in an evening sky.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, SMC Takumar 35mm/f3.5 lens, ISO100, 1/30th, f-8



17 thoughts on “Classic Boat Festival

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    • Hi Melinda. I guess it is a departure though it felt perfectly natural to take this shot. And to invert (flip) it. Perhaps its a good sign when a departure from the norm goes by unnoticed, by me.


    • Hi David. I usually forget to go, hard as that is to admit. It is the long weekend, and there are always other priorities, even though I love wooden boats, and all that gleaming varnished mahogany, brass and chrome (as you will see in coming days), not to mention reflections.


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