Anniversary Masts


Reflections from the Classic Boat Festival – which is where I started this series.  An old schooner, about 100ft long, was pulling out into the bay to join the sailpast, and the best thing about it, as far as I am concerned, was the reflections. More shots from this series can be seen at this link.

Today is the second anniversary of Burntembers.  It has been a fun ride, thanks to all of my readers. In recognition of the day, I suggest you Click here to browse a random post from the past, perhaps even the dim dark past of two years ago.

 I have learned a lot along the way, and continue to do so, and made some good friends. There are now more than 500 of you following, 600 if twitter counts; you have contributed about 5000 comments to these pages, I have posted nearly 3600 images here, and the 743 posts have had well over 100,000 views of the kind that WP counts. So thank you all for all your support and encouragement and visits.

Please keep on coming back, and feel free to suggest ways I can improve things around here.



Canon EOS 5Dmkii, SMC Takumar 35mm/f3.5 lens, ISO100, ~f-8



19 thoughts on “Anniversary Masts

  1. Happy Anniversary! I have only recently started following, although I have been Googling and watching for some time. I just love yours and Kj’s QH blogs. What rich inner lives you have. And so much talent. I hope that there are books in the works.


    • Thank you – sometimes it seems like longer than 2 years. And, it is a bit weird putting one’s “inner life” out there for public consumption. But it makes me look at it more closely too, which can only be an improvement compared to the neglect it usually gets.


    • Thanks Ken. I have learned a lot from your work – and these kinds of photos are one of those places I have learned. Many of those 3600 images are now a bit embarrassing, especially the ones early in one learning curve or another. Especially some of the HDR shots with horrible halos and so on. But there they are, evidence of an honest progress towards getting better.


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