Jordan River


On the way from Victoria to Port Renfrew it is necessary to pass through Jordan River. And if you pass through Jordan River than you drive right past this place.

It is on the old logging industry facility; I am not sure if it was just a log-sort and camp, or if there was a sawmill here too. In any case, there are several buildings that seem to still be in use, and a few that might no longer be, all right next to the road, some on the ocean side, some to the north. This photo is from about three weeks ago, and is posted with a tip of the hat to Melinda Green Harvey who through her photography has taught me an appreciation for older buildings on their last legs, and hard shadows.



Canon 5Dii, Canon 50/1.4 lens, ISO100, f7.1,   1/125th.



8 thoughts on “Jordan River

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    • Hi Toad! I am just getting to a backlog of comments here – sorry for the delay but things backed up and it has taken time to release the dam. A mental beaver creating obstacles (combined with being busy, and so on) had to be trapped and relocated on someone elses land.

      I am glad you like this photo, and thank you very much for linking it in your lightstalking article, that is always a huge pleasure for me. These buildings are really quintessential logging structures. There are others in the area, some of which I photographed, and some which I did not have time for, like a very nice house that is beginning to show its emptiness. You should check them out – it is such a nice trip around from your part of the island, through Port Renfrew to Jordan River and then Victoria’s western communities. Actually, I suspect from the photos on your blog that you have made the trip in the past year or two, so you probably have this location banked and ready to go in a future blog.


  4. I really like how the chimney’s painted part of the way up, and also like how the tree and chimney line up. And that diamond shape where the address is makes an interesting contrast to all of the rectangles.

    When I saw this shot – before I read the post – I thought, “That looks like something I’d photograph.” Then when I saw your very kind mention, I laughed out loud! But it goes both ways, my friend: I would not have known the beauty of storm drains if you hadn’t photographed them.


    • Hi Melinda. I am glad you like this shot, though it does not look much like your shots, just your subjects. I too like that painted line, and the tree was a bit of a nuisance so this was the best alignment I could come up with.
      The diamond shape is, I am pretty certain, the shadow of a former warning about storage of flammable or explosive substances – you see them on trains all the time. There is such a sign on one of the other buildings, or another side of this same building. More pictures to come when I get back home (I’m still stranded by snowfall throughout the 300km between where I am and home, and I have been waiting for it to let up enough to allow me and my summer tires to get home safely for three days now).


      • Yes, I know those warning signs. Back in my other professional life, at the transit system, I was responsible for our system safety and security plan; at one of the trainings I went to, I got a handbook that listed all of those symbols and what they meant. I thought it would be interesting to keep it in the car and look up what trucks were hauling, but I didn’t actually know what any of the stuff WAS…

        I hope you’re not stuck there until, well, summer.


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