Fliptych Diamonds


Another photo taken at the Port Renfrew bridge on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I previously posted a picture of a canoe passing under my feet on a bridge, and of it emerging from behind a bridge footing. This time it is shot as a fliptych, where I rotate the half-frame Pen 180 degrees between shots.

I prefer the abstraction into diamonds of the sideways version above. Again it is a toss-up between the colour and black and white, though at the time of writing I prefer the colour. The not-sideways version is at the bottom, and I expect some of you will prefer that too.








This continues my half-frame film series, and another of the multitychs which are two or more photographs shot on adjacent half-frames with the intent to scan them as a single image.

Olympus Pen, Half Frame, 28mm lens, Fujicolor Superia 200, ISO200, 1/100th, f11, NDX4 filter


7 thoughts on “Fliptych Diamonds

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    • Hi Andy. Sorry for the long delay in responding to comments. I am glad you like it. The lack of first-glance logic is a real bonus, it makes me (and I expect others) take a closer look. And that is good.


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