Cubism III



This is a detail of the large concrete block behind the Gonzales Observatory; other photos of the same structure can be seen here.

This is another pretty heavy treatment of the original image that in this case brings out the joins and other textures of the plywood form used in pouring the concrete.

It also has a bit of an optical illusion – is that the outside or inside of a vertical corner? The top looks outside, the bottom looks more inside.


Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO100, f1.4, 1/3200th




9 thoughts on “Cubism III

  1. I find myself absorbed by this photo, it’s so intriguing. As you say, inside or outside? And another question: How does the surface feel, is it humid, cold, soft or sharp to your skin? And that metallic shine. Love it!


    • Thanks you galeriaredulius – and welcome to my blog. I did not touch it, but it probably feels different than it looks in these photos since it really is recently painted white surface. It was a chilly day, so probably it felt chilly. If it felt warm, then that might suggest inhabitants, ones I don’t want to know about.


    • Thanks Journey! I too like the way this processing worked out. It is a bit like it has been plated in a layer of something very shiny, but very thin.


    • Hi Adrian – thanks so much. This cube is really a minimalistic thing – I just wish it were all by itself with a plain background, but that is not the way this part of the world is. So, I had to get close instead. Which sometimes is a good solution.


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