Alley Views II


Another view from an alley that leads south off Bastion Square in Victoria.

I think Melinda also took a shot of this abrupt change in masonry, and decoration.

If she did, I will find it interesting to see what she makes of it, mostly because I fear this composition does not quite work.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Nikkor-N Auto f2.8/24mm lens, ISO100, 1/100th.




12 thoughts on “Alley Views II

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  3. Call me odd (wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been called that), I like it with the three different textures. Having said that, I would like to see more balance between the three (not just the little strip). 🙂


    • Hi David. I went back the other day with a point and shoor film camera. The brick and adjacent pale stucco have bee sprayed with a thin layer of black rather like the graffiti but uniform. Ruined it for my purposes. So now I will have to live with this record from less than a month ago.


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    • Thanks Andy! I did try that in post, but somehow it did not feel right. I need to work on it some more. Or take another version – this is uncropped, other than a touch of vertical straightening, so not much room to play around.


    • I tried it again. I like it better without that strip. Before I was cropping with same aspect ratio, which is why I did not like it. Here is another version:


      • I think that’s better – but I’m wondering what is further to the left and how that might impact on the composition. There’s definitely an image in there, it’s just discovering what works best.


      • I agree. I will have to go back since this is all I took and I can’t recall the rest of it. But worth another visit I think.


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