Casual Living


My wanderings in Fernwood with a point and shoot film camera continue. This business is quite new to North Park Street. I had no idea what could be inside, but since the place next door sells medical marijuana and similar products, I had some suspicions. As it turns out, this is in an art gallery (kind of like medical marijuana for the soul?) and is located in the Unceded Territories of the Coast Salish (Victoria, BC), as can be seen at this link. Another source of information is this story which says a bit more about what they do and where they used to be located, and eviction. I liked the name and the flags around the awning. I also like the orange on black sign in the window that says “Sorry, We’re Casual”. Very westcoast.

While preparing this post I searched the internet to find out more about this place. The first link I found (somehow and not by my conscious doing it was a Twitter search) I came up with a video of an exhibit that would have shown about the time I took this photo. The video is quite interesting and part way through Nova Scotia artist Chris Boyne explains some of his thoughts on photography and his use of analogue film and video in his work. Had it not been the first link I found, I wouldn’t have looked at this video, nor found his black and white ‘video’ (16mm analogue) of his little boat at anchor, and this one of it from underwater.

So it turned out that yesterday contained some serendipity after all (none turned up at the exhibit of working steam engines I went to, at least not that I recognised).

If you want to seem more of my shots from the Olympus XA2 then click on this link.


Olympus XA2, f3.5/35mm lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 film, scanned with Epson V700



7 thoughts on “Casual Living

  1. I’ve heard of The Ministry of Works, and there was a Ministry of Sound (a music publishing label) in London. Ministry of Casual Living could conjure up many things including Squats, Communes etc. A clever title for a place will draw people in simply to find out what goes on inside.


    • Thanks Andy – it is indeed a clever title, and it certainly caught my eye with the result that I gave it publicity in my own small corner of the internet so I guess it works!


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    • Thank you Ken. There seem to be a lot of them in Victoria. I expect I will drop in sometime now that I know they exist. They have a downtown location too which I should look for.


  3. How interesting. This is not the staid old Victoria of the tourist trade. You have a knack of finding the hidden beautes and curiosities of the place.


    • Hi Val. It is part of blogging that I find these things. While I might be curious at the time I see something, it would be highly unusual for me to remember once home and check into it. Taking a photo and then posting it sends me off down these interesting trails.


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