LomoChrome Test – There Are Greens and Greens

Blog Oct 201410

This post is the last in a series of tests of LomoChrome Purple film. See the first post for more details on my methods in this test.  Today I look at a number of different kinds of green, natural and artificial. This film really works well at vivid transformations on the natural greens, as we also saw in yesterday’s and the day before’s posts. It does not do nearly so well on the manufactured greens, which was also demonstrated on the wall murals and traffic flagging of a few days ago. Which is all kind of interesting and really has to be kept in mind when using the film – urban scenes could be disappointing if you want the rich purples of the film’s name. I think this is far more important than the nature of the light – contrasty vs soft light seems to make little difference as far as I can see. For instance, the top image in today’s post was taken as the sun was rising and striking the wall directly – it was quite yellow and bright.

Today’s post has the remainder of the roll of 36 exposures. I have only left two frames out of this series – one for use in a future post, and a dud resulting from leaving the lens cap on (the joy of rangefinders).

Blog Oct 20149


To open the gallery below click/tap on the first image, swipe or use the navigation arrows to navigate and ‘x’ or ‘esc’ to return to this page.



I bought this film at Camera Traders in Victoria. Camera Traders do a lot of internet sales, so if you are having trouble finding this film, or any of the other unusual film they carry, then contact them to see if they might ship some film to your corner of the world. Might as well have a look at their used camera equipment too – there is always something nice in the film camera section.



Yashica Electro 35GS, 45mm/f1.7 lens, LomoChrome, ISO400, scanned with Epson V700, edited in Lightroom 5   and

Canon 5Dii, 50mm/f1.4 lens, RAW, ISO400, edited in Lightroom 5

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