Around Front


A few weeks ago I posted a shot called Around Back, a view of the backside of the J&J Wonton Noodle House on Fort Street.

It is one of my favourite places to eat, and thus when a family member was visiting from out of town, we had a family meal there.

The cooking area has a glass wall and of course a picture seemed necessary. The server said it was just fine, the guys were used to it.

So here are the two pictures I took with the Olympus XA2 of our meal being prepared.

This is another example where the colour shift from the expired Kodak Gold 200 could be easily corrected.




Olympus XA2, ISO200, Kodak Gold 200 expired in 1990s




4 thoughts on “Around Front

  1. Nice “action” shots portraying a real work environment very well. It shows that photo ops are everywhere. It takes, I notice in your work, an alert and roving eye and determination to use the camera just about everywhere and at all times. Even though I do not see all blog entries this probing and experimental approach (beside some very nice photography) still has your blog as a favorite.

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    • Hi Joseph. I am really enjoying having a camera in my pocket at all times (I don’t count the cell phone which I have had for about 6mo now – I don’t find it satisfying to use). And you are right about my losing the focus and inquisitiveness a bit from time to time. Sometimes I am so busy, or lose a bit of interest for a while, and I know it shows on these pages. But I am concerned that if I stop posting every day when in those moods, I might stop entirely. So, I put up what I have to hand in those times. Thanks so much for sticking around through those drier patches.


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