Photograph within a Wall of Rock


Frequent visitors will be familiar with this entry way into the sewage works at Clover Point. What will be less familiar is that recently someone applied a photograph of the adjacent rock wall to these doors. This then is a photo of a rock wall and a photo of a photo of a rock wall within the rock wall that is subject of the photo, if you get my drift.

If you don’t remember what it looked like until a few weeks ago, then you can see it in a post from nearly a year ago, called A Wall of Rock. I suspect that one reason they have done this is to discourage graffiti, which can be seen on the doors that are at right angles to these doors, to the left (see below).

Strange, for this modern era of competing insurance companies vs litigators, they have opted to not replace the signs warning people it was unsafe to climb the wall. A statement of the obvious perhaps, but they seem to have magical properties against being successfully sued, or to otherwise ward off the evil eye. I wonder how long it will take before the sign is replaced.

Maybe it won’t happen as there is a plan to replace this facility. In fact, an out-of-town engineering company bidding on the project bought some of my photographs to illustrate their proposal with a few months ago. I was pleased they asked, they could have just taken them from the internet without asking and hoped I never found out. And pleased to have some camera related income.

So, I am still nursing that full feeling one gets from a Christmas dinner. Not a chance in hell will I be partaking in the insanity of shopping on Boxing Day; instead I will be close to home, keeping food preparation to the minimum and doing a whole lot of nothing. At least that is the plan.




Olympus XA, f2.8/35mm lens, Ilford Delta 400 Pro, scanned with Epson V700, exposure info not recorded.




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5 thoughts on “Photograph within a Wall of Rock

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  2. I don’t think the photo of the rock wall would keep grafetti artists from decorating the doors, at least not in this part of the country. It does look very nice, though. I wonder what camera they used to get the photo? And did they use a fractals program to get the enlargement?

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    • Hi Ken, I think you might be right, though there is not graffiti on these rocks, which is a bit surprising. I will keep an eye out for it though.
      As to the technical stuff – I stared at this photo for quite a while trying to find matches with the adjacent wall, which I did find, but they don’t trace very far. They are actually rectangles of photos of the wall stitched together quite ingeniously as the joins are not all that obvious. I am not sure how they are applied to the door, but I am guessing shrink wrap of some kind like what they put on buses and other vehicles for advertising. I did not notice the joins when I was down there, or I would have had a really close look at the door to see how it was done.


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