Charity Awning



This is another shot from a point and shoot Canon that I bought to make a photo to enter in Hamish Gill’s photo contest to win a Leica.

This shot, and the geometric shadows of a couple days ago are on my short list from which I selected my entry. I expect my entry will appear on his blog in the next day or two, in one of the posts showing all the contest entries. He has already posted 120 photos and it sounds like he will have 200 or more. (Edit: it is now posted here). There are some very good photographs posted so far and definitely some I would choose ahead of my entry, but that is normal for photo competitions that I enter. Of course I am doubting my choice, and thinking maybe I should have chosen today’s photograph, or the shadows, or one of the others I have yet to post.

It doesn’t really matter though – it was good fun to get out with a ‘new’ camera (two nearly identical ones in fact, the other is a Yashica) and to take some shots. I will write up these cameras at some point, I took a dozen or so pairs of photos to compare the cameras which might make an interesting post.

Back to this photo; it is one of my favourites from this camera. It is taken at the side of a big business disguised as a charity shop (they have taken to giving customers a spiel about the charities they support while one is at the till – I take this to be a sign they are worried about appearances). I have bought several cheap cameras here, some of them quite good ones. But mostly their stuff is overpriced. This Canon seemed overpriced at $10, but it looked like it could have a decent lens so I bought it anyway. Having used it I think $10 was a fair price – it is not in great condition, cheaply made plastic with a loose casing, but it takes pretty good shots which makes up for the cheap and nasty. I shot two rolls with this camera, on the first one I found it under exposes a little (compared to the Yashica anyway), so I rated this second roll down from ISO400 but I am not sure how much by, either 1/3 or 2/3 stops. The film might have needed to be rated slower anyway being a decade past expiry.



Canon Sure Shot AF35Mii, 38mm/f2.8 Canon lens, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, expired 2004.



4 thoughts on “Charity Awning

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  3. the effect is Mondrian like with vertical and horizontal lines and slabs or blocks of colours but the colours harmonize nicely. I like this one turned upside down as much as the right way up!


    • Thanks Val – I did not think Mondrian when looking at this, probably due to the colours. But I do see what you mean with the way the space is divided up. And turning it upside down is not something I thought of, but it too is interesting. Here it is for people looking on a fixed screen, I think this will work.


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