Reindeer Droppings


My apologies – I just could not resist the tackiness.




Canon Sure Shot AF35Mii, 38mm/f2.8 Canon lens, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, expired 2004.




8 thoughts on “Reindeer Droppings

    • You been hanging on to that Elk poop for a while? Waiting for an unsuspecting visitor to regift it?
      Sorry no igloos when you visit. I can arrange a storm drain though, at different tides. In fact, I have arranged one for tomorrow’s blog post, in case you are pining for one.


      • I am sure that your hosts will appreciate them. You may find them difficult to get across the border though, especially if the custom’s agents are feeling a bit peckish.


    • Yes, I have seen those too. The strange thing is we don’t have reindeer here – in fact in North America they are called caribou and the nearest population to where I live is about 800km. Same goes for moose, though they are perhaps a bit closer.
      Tourist humour I think – the cruise ships pull in with huge cargos of people totally ignorant about Canada who probably expect to see an igloo on disembarking. And reindeer, not to mention the north pole.


      • Here in the Elliot Lake area we have deer and moose. There has been an attempt nearby to reintroduce elk with mixed results. I guess all Canadians have stories of the poor confused tourist looking for snow in the summer. The whole Celsius thing messes with their heads too. Mind you I have seen people from southern Ontario ( and I originated there) who have strange ideas about what happens once you get north of Barrie. 😀


      • Those people from Southern Ontario probably expect to see plantations of pot when they visit BC as well. Or rivers with so much salmon you can walk across on their backs.

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