Ross Bay Jogger


I took this more than a year ago. I was set up trying to get a nice view of all the lines when this jogger came by.

I processed this on another computer and it looks much more stark with blown highlights on my laptop.

I have never liked my laptop display and this view just confirms it for me, as I know I did not process it to look like this.

Hopefully it looks better for you.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Nikkor-N 24/2.8 lens, ISO100, 1/400th




2 thoughts on “Ross Bay Jogger

    • Hi Val – it looks pretty good on my phone, and better on the monitor I edited it on. I just found it cold and harsh on my laptop display. Which raises several points about editing on crappy displays, and about what is it being viewed on most often. I guess it is like audio – make it the very best possible and then it will be less bad on the poor displays.


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