Black Drain


The storm drain as it looked a couple of months ago.

This is one of my favourite storm drain photos – it waited discovery on a partly exposed roll of film.

I prefer the black and white conversion, though am also very happy with the original colour shown below.

I think the colour is a bit shifted due to the expired film, or the exposure being a touch off, but it does have a winter feel to it.



This is another image from my Roll 12 on the 52 Rolls Project. Overall a very satisfactory roll of film.


Mamiya M645 Super, 80mm/f2.8 lens, ISO160, Kodak Portra 160-VC .




6 thoughts on “Black Drain

  1. Hats off to the municipal engineering department for grasping the photographic potential of effluent disposal
    infrastructure, they got ot just right for once


    • Hi Val – I got behind on my comments, way behind. Sorry to be so late replying.
      Indeed they did. There are two other storm drains along this stretch of Ross Bay that show up at slightly lower tides and neither is nearly as visually interesting as this one.


  2. This drain is like Egdon Heath in Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native, the main character in the book and the neutral inanimate background that frames the lives of the characters.


    • Hi Richard – I suppose it is a Very Good Thing to have inspired a literary reminiscence with a photograph. I am not completely sure that this storm drain is inanimate though – it seems to have a personality.


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