Keep the Vermin Out

My Week 18 of 52 over at – click through to see quite a few more photographs

52 rolls


I took these pictures as a result of being so well organised that I arrived at my dentist an hour early for an appointment. There is a mall across the street with a very good book store, so naturally I knew how to kill an hour, especially with a camera on my person.

Today’s shots are from the façade of a major retail chain that tried to make it in Canada, and failed within a couple of years. They bought an old and well established Canadian retailer, redid all their stores and many more spaces besides. But, they could not figure out why Canadians weren’t flocking to yet another American retailer trying to change the face of our commerce at the expense of local businesses, though they are not the first to have this experience. The real shame is the loss of all those jobs, even if poorly paid, all over the country. I expect something will…

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2 thoughts on “Keep the Vermin Out

    • Thank you! Most of the roll worked out really well and is over at One of those times where the camera and eye agreed with one another.


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