Industrial Double Take


This is an accidental double exposure resulting from some strange camera behaviour.

I flew up to Haida Gwaii with the Canon Elan 7N camera, mid-roll, in my Pelican case. I forgot to release the vent and the case, which I bought in 1982 and is not/no longer as robust as modern ones, was sucked in at the sides. And the camera, when I looked, proclaimed a film winding error and was essentially frozen. I had to pop open the back to override the message and rewind the film. So, I tried a different roll which worked fine while I was in the islands. But I did not finish it, and when I got home, the camera was giving me that message again so I popped that roll out too. I think the camera is reacting to the pressure changes, but I don’t know for sure. If any one out there has some insight, I would love to hear it.

Anyway, I thought I had only shot 5 or 6 frames on this roll of film, so I put it back in the camera, advanced to about number 8 and started shooting. Turns out I had shot most of the roll of film and thus ended up with several double exposures.

This is one of my favourites – my granddaughter looks so blasé about what otherwise appears to be a serious situation.


Canon Elan 7N with 50/1.4 lens, Fuji Superia 200.



11 thoughts on “Industrial Double Take

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  3. actually, it turned out fantastic 🙂 I have been reading about double exposure lately (not in-camera, but PS-generated), even tried to come up with something, just to experiment, it is not that easy for me.. and you get this great double exposure take by chance… now how cool is that 🙂


    • Thank you Alexandra – I really like how it turned out. That roll of film will be my next one on, appearing within a couple of days. There are some very pleasing accidents on that roll. It makes me think about taking more deliberate double exposures, though most of my cameras will not allow it.


      • True. But then what? Takes off with camera to get the shot while we wait outside? Might be ok as she is a minor and unlikely to set the security guards off into a foaming mouthed frenzy. Or she could pose for shots mase through gaps in the fence or broken windows like a ghost child haunting. That could make for an interesting shot.


      • She could provide a necessary distraction when the security guard shows up, by engaging him in a conversation about ducks and peacocks, while you went about your photographic business.


      • True. But I am still wondering how I will fit through the gap in the fence – maybe she could open a gate somewhere.


      • Sometimes, we don’t NEED to know thinks like how she’ll get through the fence. All we need to know is that there’s a “distraction” when you-know-who shows up to yell at us. And we can (correctly) plead our ignorance on everything else.


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