Rectangles Doubled


This is an accidental double exposure resulting from operator error which I explain in today’s other post with the rest of this roll of film over at

This is my favourite from this roll of double exposures, though the one that I lead with on today’s 52 Rolls post is a close second, as is one other I posted from this a few posts ago called Industrial Double Take.

I can’t decide if I like the black and white version below better than the colour. Overall I like how the utility conduits line up with the tree trunk, and the way the rectangles are aligned with my granddaughter and her father. It came out very well balanced. Now, if only I could remember where this building is because I want to photograph it again. I have an idea, within about 10 blocks, so should be able to relocate it.



Canon Elan 7N with 50/1.4 lens, Fuji Superia 200.




6 thoughts on “Rectangles Doubled

  1. When it comes to family images I always tend to prefer colour – colour completes the picture providing more ‘documentation’ (for want of a better word). However, viewed dispassionately I’m inclined to prefer the B&W version here. Chiefly for the reason that I find the rectangular window (top Rt) less obtrusive in B&W than it is in colour.


    • Thanks Andy, I see what you mean. Whenever I look at that rectangle I end up looking at the texture of the dad’s hair in the glass areas, and not at the prominence of the rectangle. Now I see that a bit more clearly as well. I wonder if I can subdue it in post a bit.


    • I think that today, against the black background of my blog, that I like the colour best as well. This is why I can’t decide, because each time I look at this pair of photos I decide I prefer a different one.


    • Thanks Alenxandra. It might be because you understand your camera and have mastery over it, whereas I have been a bumbling fool with this camera. A lucky bumbler, but a bumbler none the less.


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