Double Trouble

This post has most of the accidental double exposures I made via ignorance of my camera’s symbols. This is the same roll of film as a couple of my recent burntembers posts, including the other one posted today.

52 rolls


Week 21 is brought to you through a Canon Elan 7N, 50/1.4 lens, Fuji Superia 200 and a large dose of operator error. My granddaughter is actually no trouble at all, so doubles of her are just fine/ The title is nostalgic of my childhood in the 1960s – there was a cartoon by this name, or a character, or something (and there have been many since which makes an internet search more complicated than I have patience for). The images in these double exposures were made at least two weeks apart. I have already posted one from this roll on my blog here, and today I post another (my favourite) at the same time as this post is published. If you want to see it, then click on this link.

I find the above image to be quite extraordinary considering it was unintentional and also taken at…

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