One Can Collaborate


This is the first in a collaboration with Melinda Green Harvey. She has posted here using these same images and some of the same words.

We have become friends through blogging; internet friends are not something I could comprehend until it started happening to me through this blog. Fortunately for me Melinda has, twice now, had work to do in Seattle and made the trip over water to Victoria for a visit. This collaboration arises from a visit she made in April when we spent a few days touring around the south end of Vancouver Island looking for things to photograph, and just looking.

Trash Can Point No Point

Our first co-post is a garbage can at the Point No Point Resort where we stayed one night. It serves as a warning to, or at least as a convenience for, our co-viewers. Some of you might want to scuttle off-stage right now and stay there for a week or two. The more tolerant might be relieved to know there is a bin handy for those of our posts worthy only of the trash.

It is a lot of fun, and very interesting to

take pictures with another photographer – to start to feel how they see. One or the other of us might exclaim about something the other had not yet seen, or sometimes go all quiet with concentration. Either usually drew the other of us to have a look and perhaps take a shot too.

This is not the first time we have done this as Melinda visited last year as well. We did not get a collaboration off the ground last year though we did do one co-post – for all of our collaborations click on this link. The idea is to present each other’s photos of the same place taken together, but with our different ways of seeing, and making the most of camera equipment to hand.

On the equipment front I had the advantage of variety, being at home. I shot mostly digital using the Canon 5Dii and assorted lenses. I shot film on a Canon Elan 7N with the same set of lenses, a Olympus mjuII point and shoot that was always in my pocket, and finished a roll of film in a Mamiya M645 Super medium format camera. Melinda used a Nikon D7000 and a single wide-angle prime lens she was trying out.

My photo – Olympus mju II (aka Stylus Epic) 35/2.8 lens,  Ilford XP2 (expired ca 2004).

Melinda photo – Nikon D7000, 28/1.8 lens







11 thoughts on “One Can Collaborate

    • Hi Alexandra – thanks for the extensive visit to my blog today! The collaboration was a lot of fun and interesting for me. I found that the longer it went on the more I learned from looking at Melinda’s photos and thinking about the differences.


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  2. Well, it’s just not right to pick a favorite here since I admire both photographers and the photos. It’s always interesting to see the different viewpoints of a single scene, at the same time, that two photographers create. Sort of a mini photo walk. I assume if there were 20 other photographers walking with you there would be that many more interesting photos. That’s the diversity of the creative mind. I notice that both are black and white and wonder if this was a technique you both agreed upon beforehand. It’s typical for Mel because I believe she thinks in B&W.

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    • Hi Ken, thanks for the comment. It would have been OK for you to pick my shot as your favourite.

      The black and white aspect is interesting comment. In this instance, we were walking along the driveway and I only had a point and shoot film camera in my pocket. It was loaded with black and white film, which I had loaded before Melinda came to Victoria. I shoot a fairly low proportion of b&w film compared to colour, but I often intend to convert colour images (digital or film) to monochrome, when I can see in advance that would be best. Also, some of the crappy expired film I use is best presented in b&w.

      I certainly don’t think in B&W, but I agree that Melinda seems to. She even has her screen display on the camera set to b&w, something my son has urged me to do as well for composition and exposure assessment and so on. When shooting raw, you still get the full colour image when you download to the computer.


    • Ken – you should have liked MY shot on Burnt Embers, and Ehpem’s shot on One Day | One Image!!

      It is true that I think in B&W*; there are a couple of shots coming up in this series that Ehpem’s asked me to process in color. But even the color versions are *almost* black and white!

      *Some would argue that I don’t think at all. But we can just ignore them.


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