Long Exposure and WordPress Reblogging Bug

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Here is my Week 28 post from 52Rolls with yet more storm drain photos, and a gripe about a bug in the imperfect reblogging feature that WordPress offers members.

52 rolls


A few months ago I received some parts for the Mamiya M645 Super that allow me to take longer exposures. The crucial piece was an adapter for a normal cable release. But I did not find a chance until a few weeks ago to give it a try. My apologies for having the same subject on three rolls in a row (not to mention many others). It is the way it has worked out recently. I do have some shots that are completely different places coming up, I promise!

I used a roll of expired Ilford XP2 400 for these tests, as well as a Cameron Fader ND filter set at various densities up to the maximum 6 or 7 f-stops. I can’t remember the exposure times, though the longest was about 30 seconds and the shortest a couple of seconds.

These shots were made at the same time as some of those on my week 26…

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