Dark Art


One place that we look for very old archaeological sites is in limestone caves which are often used as bear dens (read: good for hunting), have excellent preservation of bone due to the alkaline environment and often are quite undisturbed.

This is one such cave on Quadra Island from this summer’s work. Nature expresses her art in all places, including the dark.

Illumination from a small hand-held bluish coloured LED light.

The PowerShot D30 performed remarkably well in these circumstances, though a bit of editing was necessary of most images to reduce the contrast between nearly blown out areas and the dark edges and to correct the LED colour, when I chose to, such as in this image.

I am off to Portland for a few days and thus will be slow answering comments, but will certainly do so when I can.



Canon PowerShot D30, 5-25mm f3.9-4.8



4 thoughts on “Dark Art

    • Hi Val – many of the structures in these caves have that feeling, I suppose because they are either carved by water, or deposited from the flowing water. They are very interesting places to visit, but cold and awkward to work in.


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