Water Etching



Fresh water etches trunks, branches. Kisses them fondly goodbye. Dissolves into ocean.

On a beach in Wells Cove, Gwaii Haanas.


I am back in Haida Gwaii for a week so there could be a bit of a lag in responding to comments.


Canon PowerShot D30, 5-25mm f3.9-4.8




7 thoughts on “Water Etching

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  2. Haha! I was inspired for the hour or so that I was scheduling posts for my trip out of town. I was supposed to be writing boring technical shite when a few thoughts bubbled up in this form…
    I don’t expect to make a habit of it but am very surprised at the response to today’s post. Not sure if its the words but I think this water etching is much more interesting than the log shadow.


  3. So, I’m reading your posts in reverse order (because I am just impossibly behind with everything and have resorted to scrolling through the Reader) and I see that once again, you’ve given us a little bit of poetry. Have you been holding out all this time? Are you, in fact, a Poet?!

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