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This is today’s companion post from 52Rolls. Regular visitors will recognise this spot from the digital version I posted a few weeks ago here.

52 rolls


Before my latest trip to Haida Gwaii (images coming soon!) I made a day trip to the Kiix?in National Historic Site located in Barkley Sound near Bamfield. It is about a 4 hour drive (much of it on logging roads) and 20 minute hike from Victoria, but worth every minute of getting there, and back. Especially on a beautiful day like we had. On the way we were stopped by bridge repairs at the Nitinat River crossing and photos of the foggy, moss-covered forest also taken on this roll of film can be seen at my blog (link), posted at the same time as this one.

I have worked at Kiix?in (?=glottal stop) several times over the past 31 years. This time was a trip to provide advice to the Huu-ay-aht First Nation whose site it is, and in particular to Tliishin, the hereditary chief of Kiix?in. We stopped at the…

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5 thoughts on “Kiix?in Views

    • Hi Angelina. I think your spell checker is confounding me (hero?), or else you are making a cultural reference that is way over my head. In any case, I am glad you like these photos and the Superia. I like it too, though I have other film I prefer, Superia is really nice and is cheap compared to the others that I like.

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      • Hello, I meant the featured image (but no typo with “hero image” – it’s a carryover effect from my work!). And yes, I like that Superia’s wallet-friendly prices too.


      • Ah, I see – a cultural reference of a sort; specialised language. But it leaves me a bit uncertain having looked the term up. Are you referring to the banner image at the top of my blog of my granddaughter (as it happens) keeping an eye on everything else going on around these pages? Or the featured image in WP terms, which is the photo of the sea stack?


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