Haida Gwaii Townscape

Here is the other half of the roll of film I posted earlier today (link: http://wp.me/p1R4lY-7ba). This half is scenes around the town of Masset, while the other was out at the job site in Juskatla Inlet.

52 rolls


This roll of film concentrates on the Village of Masset and follows from my Haida Gwaii Seascapes and Haida Gwaii Landscapes posts taken on recent work trips to Haida Gwaii. I don’t usually stay in Masset but a couple of weeks ago I spent a week there. These are shots from around town, many of places where I had a meal.

The mjuii was always in my pocket. The expired film was a bit off so for the more landscape type shots I converted them to black and white. They were mostly taken around the Juskatla Inlet narrows and those photos can be found on my blog at Juskatla Inlet, Haida Gwaii published at the same time as this post.

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2 thoughts on “Haida Gwaii Townscape

    • Hi Yvonne – the cafe was nice, I think it was created to look old rather than a renovation of an old one, but I have no idea. Fortunately that motel view is from the back door. From the window of my room was a view of Masset Inlet and I could just make out the dock as well.

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