From the Ridiculous

This post has the rest of the images and associated gifs made with the Nishika lenticular camera which is reviewed on my blog earlier today at this link: Check it out, there are lots of pictures, some of them are kind of interesting.

52 rolls


Today I am posting some shots from a ridiculous camera, the Nishika N8000 which was designed for making lenticular prints, a kind of layered 3D print that gave a bit of depth to a photograph. The camera has four lenses that simultaneously create four half-frame images on 35mm film. The images are nearly identical but not quite as they are beside each other and thus have a very slightly different point of view. Printing is now hard to come by, and extremely expensive, so I have made some animated gifs instead, as well as present the groups of four images, as single images because that is how I think of them.

I liked the idea of four nearly identical images treated as a single one and is a main reason I bought the camera. These tests show that a more graphic subject works quite well. Also, the vignetting helps the effect, at least in black…

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4 thoughts on “From the Ridiculous

    • Yup – I agree! Even the prints, which must have been a bit like the holograms that one can still buy, were surely ridiculous, and likely have not lasted too well either.


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