To the Sublime

This 52Rolls post is the companion to today’s Burntembers post and has more test shots from the Fuji GW690 and some thoughts on using it.

52 rolls


Time to get a bit more serious after yesterday’s post. These images are from the first test roll I have put through a new-to-me Fujica GW690. The GW690 is a large fixed lens rangefinder that shoots 6×9 cm negatives.Today’s post at my blog has more pictures of the camera and information about it as well as a few more images from this same roll of film. You can find that post at Testing a Fuji GW690. These shots all made with the sunny 16 rule, supplemented with use of a phone light meter app. The film is Fuji Pro 400H

I like the simplicity of the camera, the optics are very good and the negatives very large. They are twice as big as those from my Mamiya M645 Super and nearly 5.5 times the area of a 35mm negative. I don’t mind that the 90mm/f3.5 lens is fixed. I only…

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