Goodbye 2015

2015-OlyMJUii-013 (2)

mjuii, in Nanaimo for a conference

Goodbye 2015! This post is a retrospective of some favourite shots from my 2015 52 Rolls project. I hope you don’t mind having them run by you again, but since many were not directly visible in Burnt Embers reblogs from some will likely be new to you. Many others were posted directly on this blog, and some of those are the best from these rolls of film. I have inserted a few of those shots below as well, to round out the set.

I had a lot of fun with my 52 Rolls project this year (you can see all my 52 Rolls posts here). I really appreciate all the comments and likes and other support from my own followers and the community and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos this year.

As I write this, on Christmas Eve, I am still uncertain about whether to take part fully in a 2016 52Rolls project but will at least start one so as not to get behind if I decide to continue.


Canon Sure Shot AF, thrift store awning

Looking back on the year I find that I have shot 67 rolls or packs of film using 16 cameras. The Canon Elan 7N (19 rolls) and the Olympus mjuii (15) have been my go-to cameras, at least by the numbers. That is because the 7N has a slot in my Pelican case beside my DSLR which it can share lenses with, thus it can go out on field trips with me. And the mjuii is pretty much the smallest and most portable camera I own, so it inhabits my jacket pockets a lot.

Perhaps the most satisfying camera to use was my self-made pinhole Polaroid camera, though I only shot 3 packs of film through it. It is very bulky and requires a tripod and cable release and light meter so it does not get out with me very much. Basically, I need to make special photography trips to use it, which I have not found the time for very many of those. It produces slightly unpredictable results, but the fact that I adapted an otherwise useless microscope attachment to take pictures gives a lot of pleasure.

2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-002Pos035 SmallSpotted

Homemade Polaroid Pinhole camera, Point No Point, Vancouver Island

I did not shoot medium format nearly as much as would like – mostly because of portability. When traveling for work my field gear usually puts me at or over airline luggage weight limits, so the medium format cameras (Mamiya M645 Super and Fujica GW690) have to stay at home. And when I am out and about town, which is when I take a lot of photos, bigger cameras are unlikely to be with me. I would like to take more next year, and if the GW690 is working (the last roll through had some film advancing issues) then I expect there will be a jump in the medium format numbers.


Mamiya M645, The Atrium, Victoria, BC

So, here are some of the photos I like from the 2015 film project. Thanks again everyone that went to my 52 Rolls posts to have a look and otherwise hung around these parts. It was so satisfying to complete a roll a week for 2015 in addition to all the other photographs that I took.

I wish you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.



Olympus Infinity Junior, stair treads with shadow



Canon Elan 7N, Hawk and Steel at Alix Goolden Hall


2015-Pinhole100c-Pack2-April-Pos-06 SmallSpotted

Polaroid Pinhole camera, Gonzales Bay, Victoria



Olympus XA2, Comox fisherman’s wharf, granddaughter and grandmother



Olympus mjuii (Stylus Epic), Chair with Lemon



mjuii, beside Nitinat River crossing, Vancouver Island



mjuii, Point No Point, Vancouver Island


Looking across Juskatla Narrows into the inlet

mjuii, looking into Juskatla Inlet, Haida Gwaii



Canon AE-1 Program, son editing with coffee booster


best breakfast cafe

mjuii, breakfast café in Masset, Haida Gwaii


2015-OlyMJUii-013 (24)

mjuii, unfinished Haida Canoe ca 1880’s, Juskatla Inlet, Haida Gwaii


Yakun sedges

mjuii, Yakun sedges, North Beach, Haida Gwaii


Beach beside Kiix?in

mjuii, beach beside Kiix?in National Historic Site, Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island


Mayne Arbutuses

Elan 7N, Mayne Island arbutus


Darwin Sound sunrise

Elan 7N, Darwin Sound sunrise, Haida Gwaii


Elan 7N, granddaughter and huckleberries, Merville, Vancouver Island



Elan 7N, hammerstones in a flintknapper’s garden, Portland, Oregon



mjuii, at a wedding, Mayne Island, British Columbia

Hecate Strait east of Lyell Island 1

mjuii, Hecate Strait east of Lyell Island, Haida Gwaii



mjuii, Awning, downtown Victoria, Vancouver Island



Mamiya M645, storm drain, Ross Bay, Victoria BC


Street Shadow

Olympus mjuii, Street Shadow, Store Street, Victoria, BC


Storm drain with alder and dog

Minolta AFS, Storm drain with alder and dog, Ross Bay, Victoria BC


drain edge, two sides, double diptych

Olympus Pen, storm drain edge, two sides, double diptych (4 half-frame shots)



Olympus mjuii, split rail fence with birds, Victoria, BC


Drain panorama

Olympus Pen, Storm Drain panorama (6 half-frame shots), Ross Bay, Victoria BC


My parents, single frame

Olympus Pen, My parents with Jasmine, single half-frame shot



Mamiya M645, Chinese Cemetery National Historic Site, Victoria BC



Mamiya M645, Chinese Cemetery altar, Victoria, BC

70-200mm - shadows on the water surface, with kelp

Elan 7N with 70-200mm – shadows on the water surface, with kelp, Ogden Point, Victoria


Skidegate Channel in heavy rain

Elan 7N, Skidegate Channel in heavy rain, Haida Gwaii


Bill Reid's Skidegate Pole

Elan 7N, Bill Reid’s Skidegate Pole, Haida Heritage Center, Haida Gwaii


Pilot boat off to drop a pilot

Elan 7N, Ogden Point, Victoria BC Pilot boat off to drop a pilot


Shiny seams

mjuii, Shiny seams on Target’s failed expansion into Canada, Hillside Mall, Victoria BC


mural wall reflections

Canon Sure Shot Supreme (Autoboy 3), wall reflections Victoria BC



mjuii, double exposure landscape over long ago and unexpectedly exposed roll of film from thrift store



Elan 7N, Sam Weber band at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria BC


Olympus XA2, new development Victoria West



Elan 7N, my son playing in Sam Weber Band, Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria BC



Mamiya M645, Jutland Road development, Victoria BC



Mamiya M645, storm drain, Ross Bay, Victoria BC



10. Negative. Edited. See link in previous paragraph for my experiments with these negatives.

Homemade Polaroid Pinhole camera, recovered negative from Fuji FP-3000B, toned in Lightroom


Corrugated Pictograph

Canon Sure Shot AF35Mii (Autoboy 2), Warehouse with corrugated pictograph, Victoria, BC


In the Light

Canon Sure Shot AF35Mii (Autoboy 2), shadow patterns in Market Square, Victoria, BC



Elan 7N, Director Maureen Bradley at Victoria premiere of Two 4 One, feature length film.


Olympus XA2, XP2 400

Olympus XA2, granddaughter and son-in-law, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria



Elan 7N, Clover Point memorial bench with flowers, Victoria BC



Pentax ME, crane after sunset, Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC


Moving the camera mid-exposure in the dimmest room.

XA2, solstice party, long exposure


Tree in Cowichan Vally

mjuii, Riverbottom Road, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island



Fujica GW690, Ross Bay, Victoria BC


Cemetery offering

Canon AE-1 Program, Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, BC



Fujica GW690, my son



Canon Elan 7N, alley, Masset, Haida Gwaii



22 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015

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  2. I have so enjoyed all of your photos posted. I feel you are educating my “eye” thank you this. I am amazed by the shots of town and country and am especially fond of how you photograph people. You do have a gift!


    • Thank you Sherry. I am glad that you enjoy my photos, and I very much appreciate your comments on my blog. The people shots are something that has come along this past year as it was something I never used to do. Even so, most of these are family who are cooperative, I find it hard to stick a camera in the faces of strangers.


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