The Last of 2015

Here are some granddaughter photos from my last 2015 roll on my 52 rolls in 2015 project. Tomorrow there will be a few more from this roll on my blog. The lead photograph is one of my favourites of 2015 – just sneaking under the wire for the year.

52 rolls


This is my last post of 2015, and for me, it is week 53 since I have chosen to follow this calendar’s numbering. If you are interested in seeing my selection of favourite shots from these 53 (+) rolls, I have posted it today at my blog (at this link).

Just before Christmas we traveled north on Vancouver Island to a small rural community north of Comox to visit our granddaughter and her parents. Today’s photos are from that visit on a damp and chilly day when we did a bit of baby sitting by taking a walk on fisherman’s wharf in Comox Harbour. There is more to this roll of film, but it will show up on my blog as time permits. I love the featured shot – the colours and simplicity and dynamic pose all appeal to me but perhaps most of all I appreciate the “3”…

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