Zip Line


Our granddaughter (and her parents!) came to visit a few days after Christmas, and one of the activities was a nostalgic visit to her former neighbourhood playground in Beacon Hill Park. It has a zip-line suitable for small kids and I tried to capture the motion and fun. Only one photograph got close to that ideal – there were several times that the shutter did not fire right when I wanted it to and eventually I switched over to my phone to take some photos. Even so, the shot above was worth the effort.

These are from the Olympus XA2 that bumped my mjuii from the jacket pocket for most of December.

More of this roll can be found at The Last of 2015 my final post in the 2015 as part of my 52 Rolls project which has photos of my granddaughter from our visit to her town before Christmas. It was not certain that they could visit, so it was especially nice to be able to see them twice within about a week.



Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows in the gallery.



Olympus XA2, ISO400, Kodak Gold, commercially processed and scanned.




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