Two Year Old Drain


Another storm drain photo in my archive that I’ve not published it before.

It has been in my archive for exactly two years and four days.

I expect that kid is about four years old now.

To see other storm drain photos, click here.



Canon 5Dii, EF 50/1.4 lens, ISO1000, f2.0, 1/4000th.



6 thoughts on “Two Year Old Drain

    • Thank you Sherry. It had to stay. I don’t mind a melancholy picture, but in these circumstances it could lead the mind to horrid thoughts of drowning or something. So best this way.


    • Thanks Ashoke – this is a subject that suits a minimalist approach very well – the fewer ships, boats, waves and so on the better. Fog makes for great shots too.


    • Thank you Andy – I converted it to b&w because I liked the feeling better in monochrome, but the people just were not right. So I started over and coverted everything but them to black and white. Works much better I think.

      I am glad you found this post. I accidentally published with the wrong date and when I fixed the date, the URL changed and broke all the links in mailings, twitter and the reader too.


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