Cracked Drain



I found this storm drain photo in my archive and it seems I have not published it before.

I’m not sure why not as it works pretty well and has lovely colour.

It has been in my archive for exactly two years and three days.

To see other storm drain photos, click here.



Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24/f2.8 lens, ISO100, 1/40th.



20 thoughts on “Cracked Drain

    • Thanks Eric! I keep on coming back to this subject matter. I like it when the conditions make it look as if it might be vertical, or that it is disappearing beneath the ocean, and other tricks of the eye and mind.


    • Hi Ashoke – did you find the colour version of Drain with Dog? The camera was malfunctioning and it is deep blues and blacks. I think there is a link to it in the post you were looking at which is in the suggested posts at the bottom of this one.


      • yes, I remember the one with the blues (lol), and I see it in the Older Posts (the photo does not turn up on the post itself ) …


      • I think being able to see the related posts that WP automatically suggests may depend on viewing platform. Glad you know where to look.


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