This is an enormous burl on what looks like a Redcedar tree in the so-called Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew.

I took this photo two years ago on a short road trip with my son.

To see other Port Renfrew photos, click here.



Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24/f2.8 lens, ISO800, 1/50th.



9 thoughts on “Gnarly

    • Thank you Jane – I like that 40 year old Nikon lens, it does very well though I have recently got a Canon wide angle zoom, I think this one performs better in many ways. Also, I have a few shots of my son standing by this tree, probably taken from that wood platform you can see in this shot. They give scale, but would have been better shot from this spot.

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    • Hi Ken. Thanks. I like the new theme too, though in fact it is the old theme that has a choice between two looks. I should have changed a while ago as I was pretty tired of the old look. I looked at new themes a couple of times but none of them suited me, except the ones that cost money.


      • Thanks Melinda. I am glad it is easier to read. Changing the text size or colour from the theme default every post is a pain so I’ve left it alone.
        And that is a complete coincidence! Though to be fair they are not designed by WP, at least most of them are not, but by third parties. I wonder what cut WP gets from those sales. Quite a bit I bet.


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