Testing the Bencini Erno: from 52Rolls


Normally I reblog my 52Rolls.net posts but for some reason I can’t do that with this post, so I am republishing the first part. To see the full post with review of the performance of this camera click here.

Today’s post comes from a Bencini CMF Erno that I recently got with a bag of 35mm cameras. I have written a detailed illustrated post about this camera that has been published on my blog at the same time as this one, you can find it here. The Erno is a 6×9 120 film folder, pretty much as simple a camera as there is. Were it made of plastic it would fall in the “toy camera” category, whatever “toy” really means. It has a single aperture of f10.5, a “B” (bulb) setting and an “I” (instant) setting of about 1/30th second. There is no way to attach filters, to the very simple aplanatic lens. The only control over exposure is the choice of film and then the time of day one shoots.

I chose a long expired (Nov 1997) roll of Ilford XP2 because of its fantastic tolerance for different exposure values. The spec sheet for Ilford XP2 Super (the successor to the film I used) says that while it is rated at ISO400 it can be shot anywhere from ISO50 to ISO800 without adjusting the processing. Metering on a cloudy day with bright patches suggested my ideal film for this camera at that time was ISO200 so the XP2 seemed perfect. And I had some in my fridge.

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52 Rolls Project roll: 2016-3 Bencini CMF Erno, Ilford XP200 400, expired Nov 1997, commercially processed, scanned at home.







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