It was my granddaughter’s third birthday last week.

Happily she came down island to have her birthday with us!

She asked for strawberry cake which was made by her mother and grandmother (it was excellent).

A bit of practice was necessary to blow out the candles.

Surely there can be nothing more satisfying than blowing out all the candles and watching the smoke rise.

Her birthday photos can be seen here (not much of her visible in the photos), her first birthday here (shot on film) and her second here.










Canon 5Dii with SMC Takumar 55/1.8 m42 mount lens

5 thoughts on “Three

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  2. one just has the irresistible urge to say ahhhhh when you see those blown out candles!! Great pics…always a joy to see a well loved child!!


    • Thank you Sherry. That last picture is my favourite, in fact is one of my favourites of all the pictures I have taken of her. It speaks volumes about her frame of mind and tells a story all on its own.


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