Grandchild First


My granddaughter is one year old – it seems like yesterday that I first posted pictures of her. Now she is saying her first words, dancing, making musical sounds, and toddling.

She gives the most wonderful hugs and is a lucky girl to have terrific parents. And I am lucky they are all agreeable to participating in my experiments with photography.

I like this diptych quite a bit – the imbalance begs for stories to be told.  The right side is the view seen from the left side – father is what mother and daughter see when standing against the chimney in the Chinese Cemetery. It goes well with this triptych from nearby in the cemetery.




Olympus Pen, half-frame camera, ca 1961. Ilford Pan F Plus, ISO50, Probably shot at 1/50th and f8 or f11.


18 thoughts on “Grandchild First

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      • Controling contrast in portrait work by the seaside, without help, more often than not is challenging. The light looks rather even but I know there is more to it than that. Everything is right in these portraits, the catch lights in the eyes, facial expressions, separation from background, even the graininess supports the mood. You have become a Pen master.


      • Thanks Joseph. The light was very even with only the faintest hint of shadows. The exposure was estimated without a light meter and I remembered to set the right focus distance! All I did after scanning was dust control and pulling the highlights down.


  3. This is one of my favourite photos of us ever and I would love a print of it. Can I please put in an order? 🙂 I would love a film b+w processed copy (if you want, digital is fine too) 8X10ish please 😛 Let me know the price and I will pay! LOVE IT


    • Hi! Your comment did go through but needed approval – you probably were not logged into WP or something. I deleted the follow up comments. Mum and I were talking about getting a print made for you on the way home! I am not sure if the printing store can work from a half frame negative to make a print or even print directly from any negative, or if they will need to scan. If the latter, I will provide them with a file. I think 8×10 possible from half frame negs though it could be a bit grainy. And, did you mean the top shot, or the bottom one? I am suspecting the bottom one.


    • Thanks Melinda – beautiful subjects make the job easier :). My daughter was so thrilled with that jacket, she was beaming when she showed her discovery to us, I think partly because she had one at a similar age and has seen the photos. These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, I wonder whether it still fits!


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