Birthday Balloons



When my granddaughter and her parents visited for her third birthday a couple of weeks ago I shot some film with a camera I was “testing”. All of the photos I took with that camera were of her and her dad blowing up balloons, and occasionally letting one fly around the room.  My most favourite is the one above – such concentration and anticipation, and so much hard work by her dad.

The rest of the images from that roll are presented as my fourth roll of 2016 over at 52 Rolls in a post called Using a Pentax Espio 738G that has been published at the same time as this one. About half the roll are exposures already taken on the film that was still in the camera when I bought it.

My granddaughter’s birth day photos can be seen here, her first birthday here  and her second here and more from her third birthday here.

 Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows once in the gallery.



Pentax Espio 738G, Fujicolor Superia Xtra 400, found in camera partially exposed, commercially processed, scanned at home.


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