Fiddle Head



Another photograph taken near Port Renfrew but this one was in the spring.

It is from the path down to Botanical Beach, a trip we made with Melinda Green Harvey who was visiting from Texas.

If you don’t know her excellent photography, check it out here.

To see other Port Renfrew photos, click here.



Canon 5Dii, EF 100/2.8 Macro lens, ISO640, f2.8, 1/80th. Processed in Lightroom and Topaz B&W Effects



7 thoughts on “Fiddle Head

    • I completely agree Andy, and it can happen so quickly. I wish I was near to where I have been doing field research – there are hectares of ferns that must be quite stunning when they get to this stage. Maybe I can find an excuse to get up there at just the right time.


    • Hi Melinda. As I recall on this walk you were seeing the world through a 24mm lens and I was looking through a 100mm macro – that could well explain quite a bit. The DOF was determined first by the light levels, but it was appropriate to the subject and I would have gone that way in better light too, if I had my thinking cap on.


    • Thankyou Ashoke. Melinda is one of my favourite photographers and has become a good friend too through blogging. The post-processing included a run through some sharpening software since there was a bit of camera motion blur to contend with. Shooting macro on a 100mm lens hand-held at 1/80th is not recommended (but I do that kind of thing anyway).


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