Ice Map



Another photograph taken in Port Renfrew two years ago.

It was cold on that trip. The puddles were frozen.

To see other Port Renfrew photos, click here.



Canon 5Dii, EF 50/1.4 lens, ISO200, f3.5, 1/1000th. Processed in Lightroom and Topaz B&W Effects



15 thoughts on “Ice Map

    • Hi Andy. Melinda pointed me to that post of yours, which I had not yet had a look at. There is a remarkable similarity which must be related in some way to the physics of thin ice forming on shallow water. My shot had very little colour, and I wanted to accentuate the white lines so as to make them more like contours, hence the conversion.

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    • Thanks Melinda – I love that quote that Andy includes with his post. Very apt. I think less of coats and more of grippy shoes when I see ice – there is nothing quite like an explosive loss of traction, arms and legs flying in all directions. Going to an ice fight armed only with a tailbone is sure to hurt.

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