Plus-X Pan Expired 1979 and Electro 35 GS

Looks like I forgot to reblog this post from 52 Rolls. It is my Roll 7 for 2016 and features film that expired 37 years ago shot on a camera that is about 45 years old.

52 rolls


This roll of Kodak Plus-X Pan which expired in 1979 came to me via a giveaway draw at Utah Film Photography. Check out Shaun Nelson’s post for more and better images from the bulk roll. And while you are at his website, have a look around at a lot of other great film photography.

In my response to the giveaway I said I would shoot the film in an Olympus XA2. However, I found that the film was a bit tight in the very cool vintage cassette it had been loaded into and would not pull through in the XA2 which only has one set of teeth for the sprocket holes and they were slipping. So, I reloaded the film into a Yashica Electro 35 GS, a robust rangefinder from the early 1970s with an excellent lens. I took Shaun’s advice and metered it at ISO 100.

I first loaded the film just before Christmas but…

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6 thoughts on “Plus-X Pan Expired 1979 and Electro 35 GS

    • Hi David. Get them processed! It will be a trip down memory lane. My mother’s pictures that I found in her camera from the 70s were awesome shots of me and my siblings. Nice to find them 40 years later.


      • not to be a spoilsport, but I remember when last year I went to have a few rolls of B&W film (which I developed at home) scanned by a professional. One of the rolls had a few “private moments” and I almost snatched the film strip back from the guy 😀 … of course he understood, but I learnt something as well …

        All the best David 🙂


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